Skills and learning

Young Entrepreneurs Summit (YES)


It’s no news that global economy has taken a plunge in recent times and young people continue to be the hardest hit by the job crisis ongoing in both the developed and developing countries; youth unemployment and underemployment rates have reached alarming rates. The slow and job-poor economic recovery, high youth unemployment and volatile food and energy prices continue to not only have negative effects on the daily lives of young people today, but also affect their long-term employability and income potential. As the skills and capacity of those unemployed decline over time, they are more likely to be ill-equipped when the economy recovers. In addition, the presence of a large number of jobless and frustrated youths will further increase social tensions and threaten social stability and cohesion.

This annual youth seminar provides platforms where young entrepreneurs and renowned Entrepreneurs, Industry captains and Business Associates discuss topics bordering on youth aspirations and employability, life of an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial culture and the vital role entrepreneurship plays in assisting the nation to become more competitive and reduce unemployment thereby creating an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.

Over the years, we have organized three powers packed and inspiring seminar in the City of Ibadan, University of Ibadan to be precise. In 2014, we looked at “Entrepreneurship and Information Technology: The Future and the Present. While in 2015, we equally discussed “The Men who Build Nigeria” using the 2015 nationwide election as a case study.

This seminar provides entrepreneurial, career camp and leadership trainings for the young leaders.


These professional trainings include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management,
  • Marketing Strategy,
  • Acing Your First Job Interview,
  • How to Write a Professional Communicative Resumes,
  • Leadership Workshop/Camp

Objectives of YES          

  • To expose the youths to corporate world:
  • To bridge a gap between the classroom and the work place
  • To establish a free profitable business network of interrelations between young entrepreneurs
  • To bridge the gap between burden entrepreneurs and established financial communities
  • To expose the youth to business mentors that will guide them in their various entrepreneurial pursuit.