We are passionate about positive change in every sphere of human endeavour, we know that life only gets better when people become better and this is the reason why we consider ourselves as change agents. Our people are full of passion and are determined to spread the message of love to every corner of the earth. We are not just an Organization, we are a movement; a therapeutic wave sweeping across the socio-economic and political landscape of Nigeria and ultimately, the World.
If you decide to join us, then you will be a part of a golden generation that saved humanity and established World Peace. For this reason, we look forward to hearing from you, feel free to fill our volunteer form, and don’t forget to indicate your area of interest, we will get in touch with you shortly afterwards.

We are a multi-faceted organization, which means our interests cut across different areas including but not limited to Charity, Entrepreneurship, Governance & Social activism, Skill acquisition and Talent discovery/Management. This means that we are constantly active all year round, inspiring and equipping as many young people as we can in our given capacity. However, we could never have achieved as much as we have without our numerous volunteers who have served the cause over time.

This is our team for the YES 2017 program

We are crazy about our volunteers, and we think our volunteers are crazy about us too *wink*, listen to what our volunteers have to say about us and why they identify with the ProVision.