Life is a meaningless endeavor when man decides to choose hate over love in dealing with his fellow brother. Our generation and generations past have suffered long lasting effects of the hate virus that ensured a retrogression in the global advancement of the human race.

There is only one antidote that can rescue our self-imploding race and stop us from annihilating one another through political oppression and weapons of mass destruction. We are tasked by a higher power to effect the change that we desire in our World through the injection of Love in our global system,love in our homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals, places of worship and everywhere else.

The world would be a whole lot better if we showed a little bit more love and less hate.

This is our ultimate challenge, to bring about progressive change in a world we have inherited by the infusion of Love to neutralize the catastrophic effects of hate.

This we cannot do alone, the onus falls on mankind to make concerted effort to bring about the change that we seek, support this movement in whatever means available to you,  empower us to change our world,  for there isn’t a lack of dream ,  but a dream that requires fuel to power it and thereby make it a reality.

Remember… together we change our world!